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Small Bytes: Progressive Web Apps (Premium)

Progressive Web Apps (PWAs) are cross-platform, installable web apps that combine the best of the web with the best of native apps. That is, like websites, PWAs are responsive, easily discoverable online, and are automatically kept up to date. But like native apps, they can be installed locally, work offline, and use native platform features.…

Google Play Billing is Coming to Progressive Web Apps

The Chrome team announced today that it is bringing Play Billing to Progressive Web Apps (PWAs), allowing web developers to sell digital goods and subscriptions.

Mozilla Embraces Progressive Web Apps

Mozilla today said that it will embrace Progressive Web Apps (PWAs), starting on Android.

This is What Google Said About Progressive Web Apps at I/O

This is What Google Said About Progressive Web Apps at I/O

Like Microsoft a week earlier at Build 2017, Google hosted several sessions at its own I/O conference about Progressive Web Apps, or PWAs. Here is what they discussed.

This is What Microsoft Said About Progressive Web Apps at Build

This is What Microsoft Said About Progressive Web Apps at Build

As you may know, I've predicted that Progressive Web Apps (PWAs) will supplant UWP apps on Windows 10. So what did Microsoft say---if anything---about PWAs at Build 2017?


Microsoft Edge and Web Apps

Microsoft Edge lets you install web apps in Windows 11 alongside traditional desktop applications, Microsoft Store mobile apps, and other types of apps. These web apps are accessible from outside Microsoft Edge and look and behave more like apps than web pages. You can also use Microsoft Edge to "install" any web page so that…

Edge Team Wants to Close the Gap Between Web and Native Apps

The Microsoft Edge team today said that it has enhanced how Progressive Web Apps (PWA) work, bringing them even close to native apps.


To the Web: Mozilla Firefox (Premium)

Written off for its shrinking usage share and its recent deprecation of PWA functionality, Mozilla Firefox may nonetheless be the ultimate browser for Windows 11 users. --- Note: Recently, I’ve been thinking about a way to present a series of web-focused articles over a long period of time. And while this will likely evolve as…

Google Unleashes Flutter 2 And a New Era of Apps

In its initial releases, Flutter allowed developers to create apps that run on both Android and iOS. But now Google is setting its sights higher. Much higher.

Google Quietly Starts Replacing Android Apps in Chrome OS with PWAs

It looks like Google has slowly started replacing certain Android apps with Progressive Web Apps in the Play Store. The change only affects two major apps for now.


2019: The Year in Apps (Premium)

2019 was a confusing year for apps. The Universal Windows Platform (UWP) was declared dead. Progressive Web Apps (PWAs) didn’t take off in any meaningful way, again. Mac Catalyst landed with a thud. And Linux apps, inexplicably, were everywhere. Only people like you and me worry about this stuff, of course. To most users, apps…


2019: The Year in Web Browsers (Premium)

Web browsers are, by far, the most important applications we use on desktop and mobile. And this year, most of them even got serious about privacy. And it’s about fricking time. The problem, of course, is that the market leader, Google Chrome---which currently holds about 67 percent usage share on desktop and 64 percent on…

Google Brings Flutter to the Web in Technical Preview

Google had previously announced plans to bring Flutter, its cross-platform mobile development framework, to the web.

Living on the (New) Edge: Web Apps

In the new Microsoft Edge, PWAs, other web apps, and web pages of any kind can be used like native Windows applications.


These are the Apps I Rely On (Premium)

I install the same basic set of desktop applications, web apps, and Store apps on every PC I use. Here’s a quick rundown. Desktop applications Given the nature of Windows and my needs, it’s perhaps not surprising that most of the apps I use each day are desktop applications. That said, three of these applications…

Google Chrome Now Lets You Install PWAs As Regular Apps on Windows 10

You can now install progressive web apps as regular apps in Windows 10 with Chrome.


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