Apple Reveals First MacBook Air Powered by Its New M1 Processor

Posted on November 10, 2020 by Mehedi Hassan in Apple, Hardware, Mac and macOS, Mobile with 9 Comments

Apple today revealed its first ARM processor for the Mac, the Apple M1. You can read all about the new processor here. As promised, though, Apple is today revealing the first MacBook device powered by the M1 processor.

And that’s the new MacBook Air. Apple says the new MacBook Air comes with a 3.5x faster CPU than the previous generation. It also offers up to 5x faster graphics thanks to the 8-core integrated graphics unit on the M1 processor. Apple says you will be able to edit 4K Pro Res videos without dropping a frame thanks to the new M1 processor.

The company also said that the new MacBook Air is 3x faster than the best-selling Windows laptop in its class, and faster than 98% of PC laptops. The device comes with 2x faster SSD storage, as well as improved battery life: up to 15 hours of wireless web browsing, 18 hours of video playback.

Thanks to the new M1 processor, there is also no fan on the device, which means it’s completely silent, even when dealing with compute-heavy tasks.  The new MacBook Air also comes with built-in ISP on the webcam, which will apparently offer noise reduction and improved dynamic range for when you are making FaceTime calls.

The new MacBook Air starts at $999, and $899 for education customers. Here is the full breakdown:

Disclosure: I worked as a software engineering intern with the Windows on Snapdragon (ARM) team at Qualcomm in Summer 2020. Any opinions or comments expressed in this article do not represent my past or future employer. 

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12 responses to “Apple Reveals First MacBook Air Powered by Its New M1 Processor”

  1. David Lowndes

    No touch screen? Is that a joke?

  2. anoldamigauser

    It would be interesting to know what best selling Windows laptop in its class they are using for comparison. Is it a low end chip, 4GB of RAM, and a spinning disk?

  3. illuminated

    Touchscreen would have been great for iPhone and iPad apps.

    Maybe Apple is going to invent the laptop with touch screen next year.

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