Microsoft Wants to Help Business Leaders Learn About AI

Posted on March 11, 2019 by Mehedi Hassan in Cloud, Microsoft with 9 Comments

Microsoft is launching an online business school today. The company’s new AI Business School is designed to help business executives learn more about artificial intelligence to help grow their business. The AI Business School is essentially an expansion of Microsoft’s existing AI School which focuses more on the technical side of things.

The online school comes with a number of lectures, case studies, guides, talks, and resources from industry leaders as well as Microsoft’s own executives. The aim of the school is to teach business leaders to learn about AI and how it can be integrated into their business strategy. The modules go into things like AI strategy, integrating AI into your business’ culture, governing AI responsibly, and more.

The AI Business School is completely non-technical and designed exclusively for people with a business background, so you won’t be learning about neural networks.

There are a number of learning paths for the school, with up to 7 modules per path. You can find out more about the AI Business School here. 

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Comments (9)

9 responses to “Microsoft Wants to Help Business Leaders Learn About AI”

  1. dcdevito

    I can see it now:

    My CIO: "Take this training for me and tell me all I need to know, thanks".

  2. Bats

    One thing that I don't understand about Microsoft is that they seem to be trying to paint Satya to be some kind of genius figurehead who changed the world. Last time I checked......he has done squat! Absolutely SQUAT! Seriously, in that silhouette...what is he thinking? How to kill what remaining consumer products the company has? Under his watch so many products failed. Edge failed. Xbox failed. Windows Phone failed. Can we say that Bing failed? Ah...why not! Bing failed. Band failed. AR is losing ("Microsoft the leader in Augmented Reality" - Paul Thurrott). Groove failed. Cortana failed. Microsoft Education failed (or is failing).

    Over and over....Microsoft continues to fail. Yet, it is made to look like Satya Nadella is cooking something up in his head! (LOL). Oh man......this is so funny!

    • jules_wombat

      In reply to Bats:

      He has trippled Microsoft Share Price, making it briefly (over New Year) the most valued US company. Yeah he really must be screwing Microsoft up. NOT

      • Greg Green

        In reply to Jules_Wombat:

        GE stock price soared for a while too. Former CEO even got to sit on Obama’s job creation board.

        So far it seems MS is clearly not engaging in the same kind of financial trickery GE engaged in, but MS does seem to be abandoning product lines and concentrating on services, similarly to GE.

        If focusing on stock prices causes the company to abandon products it may create problems the next CEO can’t easily get out of.

      • skane2600

        In reply to Jules_Wombat:

        Share prices don't really predict long-term performance, but in any case, CEOs get too much credit and blame IMO. My cynical view is that CEO's job retention revolves around having a plan and changing things up. It matters less if the plan is good or bad. Sometimes companies do best when the CEO sits on their hands and lets the company do what it does best.

  3. skane2600

    How I imagine it should be: "Now class, the first thing to know about AI is that it doesn't exist".