Vivaldi 3.2 for Android Offers Improve UX, Anti-Tracker, and Ad Blocking

Posted on August 12, 2020 by Paul Thurrott in Android, Web browsers with 2 Comments

Vivaldi today announced the release of Vivaldi 3.2 for Android, which provides a more consistent UX along with improvements to its anti-tracker and ad blocking functionality.

“In our first update after the summer break, we’ve expanded the functionality of Vivaldi’s integrated Tracker and Ad Blocker,” Vivaldi’s Jon von Tetzchner writes in the announcement post. “Now you can enable and manage more blocking lists and even add your own custom lists of websites that you want to block or unblock while browsing online. And we’ve also moved more functionality to the bottom for easier one-handed access. You can view and switch between normal, private, synced, and close tabs from the bottom.”

Here’s what’s new.

Enhanced Tracker and Ad Blocker. The anti-tracker functionality in Vivaldi now lets you enable more blocking lists include your own custom lists; you can even opt for a country-specific listed source depending on your region or preference. Also, the Tracker and Ad Blocker can now be enabled and disabled for websites through a shield icon in the Address bar or globally in the Settings.

Tab improvements. Previously, Vivaldi moved Panel functions, Bookmarks, History, Notes, and Downloads to the bottom of the user interface. In this new version of the app, it has moved similar buttons for enhanced tab functionality to the bottom as well. So you can now switch between open, private, recently closed, and synced tabs from a location that’s easier to reach. Additionally, Vivaldi has renamed the Tab Strip to Tab Bar to remain consistent with the desktop versions of the browser.

But wait, there’s more. Vivaldi 3.2 also brings Dark mode support to the background theme in Speed Dial, an improved landscape mode experience in which the bottom bar no longer displays, a user image in Sync settings, and some improvements to Notes.

Vivaldi 3.2 is available from the Google Play Store.

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2 responses to “Vivaldi 3.2 for Android Offers Improve UX, Anti-Tracker, and Ad Blocking”

  1. dxtremebob

    My default browser on phone and tablet.

  2. dftf

    I prefer the way Vivaldi does bookmarks: like another homescreen grid, compared to Brave which just does a flat list with folders you expand.

    But I find it odd that when you press the middle-button on the toolbar (that looks like a dial-pad) it goes to your homepage, not the bookmarks grid, whereas Opera correctly does.

    Only opening a new tab returns you to the bookmarks grid

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