Apple plays fast and loose with defaults in iOS 14


I upgraded to iOS 14 on my iPhone SE. Yes, I can change the default web browser from Safari to Edge, and the default mail app from Mail to Outlook. But, if I restart the phone the defaults revert back to Safari and Mail.

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  1. j5

    Same thing just happened to me. I have an iPhone 8 Plus, Edge & Outlook set as default, restarted, both were back to Safari & Mail. Is it Apple being I don't know?

  2. StevenLayton

    I enjoy a good tinfoil hat conspiracy as much as the next guy, but this is a bug that will be quickly fixed.

  3. dprozzo

    The bug appears to be only partly fixed. The default browser is again reset to Safari if Edge is updated. I assume the same is true of Mail/Outlook, but I can't be sure because I deleted Mail.

    • j5

      In reply to dprozzo:

      I just restarted my iPhone and my defaults weren't changed back to Safari and Mail.

      I have an iPhone 8 Plus just installed iOS 14.1 yesterday. I have Edge and Outlook as my defaults. Have you installed the latest iOS update?

      • dprozzo

        In reply to j5:

        The restart problem has been fixed. But I was reset to Safari (apparently) after Edge was updated. Using iOS 14.1

        10/27 Outlook and Edge updated today. Defaults reset to Safari and Mail.

  4. dprozzo

    In an article at, Apple has acknowledged this as a bug and says that it will be fixed.

  5. lwetzel

    In reply to cavalier_eternal:

    Thanks for looking out for me.

  6. ghostrider

    Apple don't allow you to change from their default apps! My word, how could you even think such a thing. Apple always knows what's best for you!

  7. innitrichie

    It's undoubtedly a bug. This wasn't tested during the betas because apps were not permitted to be updated to support setting the defaults. So now the bug is uncovered, it will be quickly fixed in a point release.

  8. Daninbusiness

    In reply to lvthunder:

    Probably - it's just a surprising one given the hype and anticipation around the feature, it's surprising that this wasn't caught before or simply wasn't prioritized to fix in the current release.

    • bkkcanuck

      In reply to Daninbusiness:

      Just the fact there were no beta testers for that function. During updating of Edge, it likely is temporarily removed and the settings get reset to defaults when the default app is removed. In the end, it depends on who is testing, and there ability to predict scenarios that might cause problems. I know that when I have made a defect and it got out of development but it is in QA testing - I cannot fix the issue without a tracking number since it is no longer in development. I usually make my own list locally (developers cannot add issues for some reason) and if not related to a reported issue I might wait a bit before reporting it (especially if I am overloaded)... I have on many occassions waited til near the end of the testing cycle before giving up on testers to find what I think should be obvious (or when my schedule lightens up a bit)... and in many cases it is over a month into testing before doing that. (pre-beta)

      The beta testers themselves are more likely NOT to other apps during beta testing (like mail or browser) since those apps have not been updated - and testing what is not the latest internal build of those ... not the best allocation of time (I would expect beta testers of those apps would be doing that and reporting it there).

  9. phil_adcock

    I decided to change back to Safari as my default simply because I use outlook and when I was clicking links that are suppose to launch my apps Chrome or Edge just couldn't carry on the task. Safari handled the jump just fine and would open the app with no issues. Chrome and Edge both launched the app after about 8 splash screens but then couldn't load the fulfillment tabs in each respective app.