AppStore time and again inadvertently destroying my app Review content

Am I repeating here what is long time widely known and accepted all over the place ? In fact I see no sign of that. Consequently I am not sure at all about people’s awareness of this whole situation.

Personally, I’m wandering in the iOS universe since 2019 ( upon having been introduced to an iPhone 6s at the time by a friend of mine ).

I’m pretty aware that I should include iOS screen shots herebelow to clarify my story, but it will take at least another week before I may get to a point of exactly doing that indeed.

Lately (but with little success) I’ve been trying to campaign and complain at local computer enthusiast groups against Apple’s AppStore handling of app consumer reviews and comments in the AppStore. Here’s what is at stake, and this represents what I recently also have submitted into several of my own 5-star reviews of apps in the AppStore as an attempt to rise awareness for sake of the better.


Here’s the reason why [1:] essentially and

generally I refuse to write my own and personal comment (as_a_consumer) into the AppStore regarding whichever app we may be dealing with – let’s_call it APx, going forward.

The simple reason is because my_experience in_Belgium tells me that in_a second step [2:]_on_APx’s page in the AppStore app, just_below the all ratings graph for APx, if_over_there, from outside the “Review” text_editing interface,

[3:]_I_dare *change* my_personal “stars-rating” for APx (which I_already had rated indeed and equipped with a_comment of mine),

then [4:]_after my_new stars are confirmed as_Submitted,

[5:]_if_subsequently I once more step into “Write a Review”,

then to_my consternation I_find all_my earlier typed comment_text for_APx having vanished without warning, which at_first sight is totally unexpected for_me.

[6:] Starting from [2:], the forementioned destruction ([5:]) happens whether or not we are assigning the exact same stars level that our existing, earlier_given comment or review already had – and this is a_scenario we are very easily tricked in to with an all empty stars representation time and again.

Admittedly [7:]_this destructive behaviour doesn’t happen to_the following core apps from Apple themselves : [8:] iCamera ; iClock ; FindMy ; iHealth ; iHome ; iMagnifier ; iMessages ; i.Notes ; Phone ; i.Photos ; Safari ; iTranslate ; iTunes_Store ; Apple.TV.

[9:]_Furthermore, and finally, our_so far described personal comment/feedback/review ~destruction won’t happen for_APx in_case it_isn’t installed yet on the given device, or APx has an_update pending.

All of this is experienced on an iPhone.SE.2020 (nowadays running iOS_v15.5 ).

Am I hacked, virused, trojaned, infected ? Am I the only one ?

I might even put forward another occasional weird AppStore behaviour, but OK, this will do for now.

To those who endured, many thanks for reading.

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