If my iPad had real browser then I wouldn’t need a PC


The Microsoft apps on the iPad are good, but ones on the web are better. Now an iPad with a real browser would give Chromebook and PC a run for their money. Just saying, it would be cool.

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    what do you mean a ‘real’ browser?

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    Agreed. Mobile browsers are still trash compared to full desktop versions. Firefox is the only tolerable browser on Android for me because it's the only one that lets me use the extensions I want to use across Android, Windows, and Linux.

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    I thank Steve Jobs for this. War on Flash and Java.

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    I suppose, in a strict sense, I generally agree with the title of this post. You might not need a PC. But I contend there are many cases in which the average user would want one. When I sit down to get some work done, do my taxes, pay bills online, read and respond to e-mails, etc., the last thing I want to do is stare at a 10.5" or 12.9" screen on a wobbly case/stand thing and poke it repeatedly with my finger. I want a real screen, a real keyboard, and a real mouse or trackpad. Doing any of those things on an iPad while on the Metro or in an airport waiting for my next flight is obviously an improvement over not being able to do them at all, and in that sense, I don't need a PC to do them. But I could do them more quickly and comfortably on a PC. The "quickly" part is offset somewhat by boot time, but you get where I'm going.

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    There’s this thing called an App Store. And this other thing called Google.

    But it I can’t give much direction without knowing how you define “real browser”.

    I guess my generic answer is iCab Mobile.

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      In reply to curtisspendlove:

      PWA and things like grammarly works

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        In reply to Jltuv:

        I haven’t ever tried grammarly so I’m not sure what it needs to work. I have tried PWA and they seem to be fine on mobile Safari, but they are limited, but I think that will always be the case on iOS, and third party browsers won’t ever be able to implement around the sandbox for stuff like notifications, etc.

        For me “real browser” means that I can view source and inspect everything in some form of “dev tools”. I don’t expect it any time soon. ;)

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    This is an odd comment. What is missing? Extentions? PWA? Not sure what you mean with a real browser. I use an iPad everyday and I find safari on it very usable and far better than Chrome on Android.

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    Paul Thurrott

    And this is kind of goofy, but I like Edge on mobile better than on the PC.

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    Paul Thurrott

    Not sure what to say to this. Safari and several third parties browsers on iPad are all excellent.

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    Is Safari a mass hallucination?

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    I agree wholeheartedly, Apple is handcuffing the iPad big time by this

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    I wish the Surface 2 RT had a 'real browser', too. IE11 on that machine makes it intolerable as there are no extensions available for that browser (because of it being ARM, I guess), and without ad blocking, you can barely get many pages to ever finish loading. Otherwise it would still be an adequate machine for light use.

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