IOS for mobile


I love Windows and member of the insiders program. When comes to desktop computing I can imagine not using Windows. However, I find the iPad to be a better mobile solution these days. The iPad is now my main computer that I take with me. I carry a Surface 3 around, but seldom take it out of the bag. The iPad with Microsoft foldable keyboard has proven to be good enough for me. With full photoshop coming to the iPad, do you think the days of PC are numbered? All the apps I love to use are on the iPad and very few are on the PC. If Microsoft gives a full version of Office to the iPad then I don’t see much a future for laptop with Intel and one with ARM would still lack the apps. This app problem is all because Microsoft lost the mobile wars and computer in the pocket dominates first use. Now, HoloLens phone main give them a chance but the odds are against Microsoft pulling that off. They could make it, but making it compelling and what the consumer market will adopt is another matter. It’s not been Microsoft thing. It would need to be a phone and PC at the same time with app support. Can they made it cool enough for app developers will want to jump and consumer will want to use. If they make it just for business then it is another price scanner. Nice tech, useful tech but not for average Joe.

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