Requesting Update re OneDrive Running on M1 Apple Silicon


I’ve just recently transitioned from Win 10 Pro to MacOS. At first I thought everything “OneDrive” was running just fine on the new MacBook Air (M1 – Apple silicon), but then discovered various troubles.

How would I know if Rosetta is facilitating OneDrive operation on my new laptop? I have never installed Rosetta or received any notifications from or about Rosetta.

I have always made OneDrive a big part of my data management and storage schemes and am hoping Microsoft quickly makes changes to accommodate the new chip(s).

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  1. Paul Thurrott

    I've had major performance issues with OneDrive on M1-based Macs. I believe an M1-native version of OneDrive is due by the end of 2021.

  2. lvthunder

    Rosetta is built into the OS. It's not something that is installed. There is a way to see which apps are using it and which aren't. I don't have my Mac with me, but I'm sure if you Google how to tell if an app is using Rosetta you can find instructions.

    • christophercollins

      That's not quite right. Rosetta 2 installs when you try to run your first x86 app.

      After that, you never see anything about Rosetta 2 again.

  3. rob_segal

    If OneDrive is running on your M1 Mac, it's using Rosetta. If you didn't have Rosetta, OneDrive wouldn't run.

  4. christophercollins

    OP, open Activity Monitor, and you can see if any Intel apps are running.

    Look for the Kind column. It will show Apple if it's ARM or Intel if it's x86.

    That's an easy way to see if you have any apps running via Rosetta 2.

  5. phil_adcock

    About the only thing that I use onedrive for on my Mac is for a few office documents I produce. I usually keep a local copy on my hard drive and then manually upload it to onedrive.

    That being said, I have a weird system I use for saving my files take for example my resume. If I were to update it this month I'd save the resume as "Adcock.Phillip.Resume.September.2021" Like I said very strange format but tells me when I'm looking into my files which is the most recent. I will usually keep the updates for the last 6 months before purging them.

    • roundaboutskid

      This is where ISO 8601 comes in so handy. Files sorted by good and proper date formats, like so: