SD card not showing up on Mac


I am trying to use my external HDD, but it is not showing up in finder or desktop. The device showed up yesterday, but after formatting the HDD, it has disappeared.

Here are what I’ve done:

My first step is to restart the computer. I restart the computer and still nothing. I have tried both USB ports as well as a different USB cable. Today, I opened up disk utility, but I didn’t see the disk. This article indicated that if I can’t see my external disk in Disk Utility, the disk may be physically damaged. I have to send the disk to a local repair center and that would be costly. Is this my only choice?

I am currently running macOS 10.14 and the external drive is a Western Digital (don’t know the product number, it was given to me by a friend.)

Any help or suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

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  1. yuanyasmine

    Sorry, I posted the wrong subject. The problem is on my external HDD. And I've followed this guide:

  2. Paul Thurrott

    I'm not a Mac expert, but have you tried the Mac's Disk Utility to see if the drive shows up there?

  3. Tim Speciale

    This might be a dumb question, but did you format it on the mac? Whenever I've seen this happen, the device was typically formatted on Windows in the wrong format.

  4. jimchamplin

    Plug it into a Windows box. At an elevated prompt (cmd or psh doesn’t matter.) run diskpart. With the command “list disk” without quotes see if it shows up. If so, “select disk x” where variable x is the number of the disk listed before. Then execute the “clean” command.

    MAKE SURE THAT YOU ARE CERTAIN THAT IT IS THE CORRECT DRIVE OR YOU NUKE YOUR DATA. To be sure, run diskpart and then list disk before you attach it so that you know what your normal disks are.

    Now try it on the Macintosh. If any step here fails, I’d assume that yes, either the disk or enclosure are bad. If so, can you remove it from the enclosure and attach it directly to the SATA bus?