VMware Remote Console 12.0 for M1!!


Wow – the tsunami och M1-ready application is really happening and even obscure tools as VMRC are taking the leap.

Must be pretty easy for Apple developers to port their code.

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  1. wright_is

    Depending on how old the code is and how low-level it goes, Apple does a fairly good job.

    But if you have an older code-base or have assembler etc. buried in your code, then it is hard work. The assembler is what stumped Microsoft last time around, with the transition from PowerPC to Intel. Most of Excel's functions, for example, were writen in PowerPC assembler and had to be re-written from scratch, according to Microsoft at the time. I guess, this time around they didn't need to go that low-level to get the performance on Intel and the transition was therefore much easier.