Issues with the site currently?


Anyone else having issues with the site at the moment?


I’m getting a number of issues here:

(1) The site is very slow, taking minutes between attempts to load

(2) Every few attempts, a Cloudflare screen says there is an error connecting to the host “www . thurrott . com”

(3) Messages referring to “a critical error on your website” related to WordPress

(4) Sometimes the site loads at a much-narrower width than usual, and sometimes all images haven’t loaded


Just me?

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  1. mattbg

    I haven't seen these issues, but I did have issues over the past couple of days where I get ads in places I haven't seen them before.

    For example, I just clicked on a Reply link on a comment and got a full-page ad. Going back and re-clicking took me to the reply page as normal.

    A day or two ago, I got a full-page ad when entering the site.

    Not sure if that's expected or not, but as Premium I though there were no ads.

  2. Greg Green

    Not for me, but I’m usually reading on an iPad.

  3. wolters

    I've been seeing ads in odd places and I can't seem to make a new forum post.

  4. ourmaninny

    I haven't been able to create a new post for about a week now.

    • dftf

      No, same here: after I click the "Create Post" button, it goes to a "Shoot, we can't find the page you're looking for!" error page

  5. dftf

    I actually created this Forum post on 29 June, but it's only just appeared now... maybe they are manually-approving posts and it's taking a day-or-two for them to get through?

  6. vladimir

    I get an error message when I login with lastpass, stating that I have been “too quick”.

    Moreover, I get often full screen ads, even if I have a premium account. The ads are a bit annoying

  7. gregsedwards

    Been seeing ads as well, usually when clicking into an article. Not a deal-breaker, but definitely not expected functionality.

  8. j5

    Yeah the experience has not be good recently. I tried to make a forum post last week and kept getting an error message saying don’t know what happened after hitting submit. So after the 3rd attempt I just quit. I don’t like these band wagon dog piles about the site, negative vibes. But yeah it’s just been a drag lately. And I don’t like having to be a website bug hunter either especially when there’s so many. I pay for a premium experience. I really like having access to the premium articles! But it’s a drag when the forum experience is sub par and general websites issues when you subscribe, sorry.

  9. bkkcanuck

    Last activity on forum posts does not seem to be updated with responses or subsequent posts within it, this of course reduces the use of the forums as people just assume it has not been updated since they last red forum posts.

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