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*Note: I edited this thread to correct a grammar error and a majority of the content of it was lost somehow.

With notifications released, I am sure the short term path ahead is to resolve any known bugs resulting from the feature roll out. Which is great and necessary but I wanted to start the conversation on what some users still feel are features they would like added. I’ll throw out a few of my ideas, feel free to comment on them, or add your own.


We need an ability to report comments/threads that are:

  1. SPAM
  2. Inappropriate (vulgar, abusive, doxxing, etc.)
  3. Categorized incorrectly

We also need an ability to easily report on an article (without needing to make a comment visible to everyone), for spelling/grammar mistakes.

All that reporting would most likely require much more administrative effort so perhaps you are delaying that ability until you can develop some type of moderation tool. That would enable you to solicit members or hire individuals to perform that grunt work without having too much power.


Modify the ‘Thurrott on Petri’ section of the sidebar to include all recent Petri articles. This would probably help traffic on the partner site as Paul doesn’t generate much content there so the sidebar is pretty stale.

Modular Site Design:

The current site layout is fine and in no way do I mean that you need to modify it as the default view. However, I would prefer some subtle changes to my view that I would only see when logged in.

  1. Allow me to remove the giant links to old articles on the landing page. As a regular reader, I have read these articles and they currently consume nearly half the landing page.
  2. Allow me to remove the Podcasts and ‘Trending on Petri’ sections from the article scroll. Again I just want that article scroll to be nothing but Thurrott articles with an infinity scroll. Petri should be on the sidebar (see Petri section above), and Podcasts has a link right on the heading.
  3. Let me rearrange the sidebar sections. Maybe I want ‘Currently on Forums’ on top of ThurrottNow, I should have the option to change the order.

That is what I’m thinking at least, hopefully we get to hear about what is coming next soon.

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