Synchronicity: Pi Hole; runs where ya need it…


Brad & Paul:

Your synchronicity need for Pi Hole gave me great smiles. OS updates forced me; rebuild my docker pi hole image running on Debian.

Pi hole is SO light; wiki gives steps running it on WSL, VM, Kubernetes, Portainer, et al.

I had started running a 2nd Pi Hole image different hardware in keeping the home’s peace when I needed to modify it; Running two DNS and sending to info out with DHCP assignments works well;

Paul consider running a Digital Ocean image with a Pi Hole & VPN; You’d have your global service ya wanted.

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  1. Paul Thurrott

    Interesting. Thanks for this!

  2. lvthunder

    At what cost though?

  3. ColdFultonBSD

    Good Question; Really hard to scratch out a back of envelope estimate.


    I've only run it from home; I tried to find a pat answer, null. Cost likely be based on HOW Much traffic; compute time small

  4. simont

    In theory it should be just a few dollars a month as it can be run on the lowest spec VPS and traffic costs should be almost nothing as DNS traffic isn't very big. If you are hitting 20GB of DNS traffic a month, you may have other issues.

    I am not sure how safe it is to run Pi-Hole on a publicly accessible machine though.

  5. ColdFultonBSD

    that's why you'd bind the service access to the vpn; otherwise dns reflection amplication issues aries

  6. waethorn

    AdGuard Home is better. There's some new DNS options coming from the company too, including having a private hosted cloud DNS.

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