USB 4 / Thunderbolt 3 ‐ no royalties to Intel


@paul you was wondering how apple is able to include thunderbolt 3 in the M1 macs this article explains alot

Hopefully the Surface team is including at least USB4 in future models.

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  1. waethorn

    Apple calls it "Thunderbolt/USB 4" in that order, not mentioning a specific Thunderbolt version.

    According to Wikipedia, it's TB 4 in the M1.

  2. wright_is

    In reply to bkkcanuck:

    Yes, I think this is typical and deliberate marketing. Misdirection through omission.

  3. waethorn

    In reply to bkkcanuck:

    There are no speed improvements from the controller, but it gains up to 32Gb/s PCIe access among other changes:

    Thunderbolt 4 incorporates USB 4 standards whereas USB 4 is only based on TB3, so if it's "only" USB4, it would only support TB3.

    I would bet the lack of eGPU support has more to do with Apple not wanting to write low-level ARM/M1 drivers for graphics cards and the TB3 PCIe connections and the firmware interfaces than it is a limitation in their implementation of the port controller. Simplicity rules out on this one: just one video driver needs to be included in M1 Mac builds of Big Sur presently.

    MacRumors claims it's only TB3 in the M1 too, so I guess the Wiki article is wrong. Not the first time. This is what happens when just anyone can edit this crap.

  4. madthinus

    USB 4 is compatible with Thunderbolt 3, but the compatibility and certification is optional. You will see some vendors implement it and other not. If you want to claim Thunderbolt compatibility, you need to be certified by Intel.