Microsoft Defender


hi, I installed MS Defender (on Mac) a while ago when it came out of preview and activated it with my MS 365 Family subscription.

Since yesterday it keeps giving me notifications telling me I need a subscription to use it. I’m still logged in with the correct account though.

Anyone else having this, couldn’t find any related articles.


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  1. fabian

    I have the exact same issue since yesterday, on Windows 11 and Android 11.

  2. simont

    I was reading on Reddit that there is a bug causing this. Hopefully should be fixed soonish.

  3. iAlrakis

    some threads about it on the MS forums too in the mean time.

  4. martinusv2

    Happened to me this morning

  5. martinusv2

    It is fixed for me. They have corrected the issue this weekend.