Paul’s Potential Move


Based on Paul’s request on the podcast yesterday I wanted to share my thoughts for him to consider with a move to the DELMARVA area.

Where you choose to go in this area will have dramatically different experiences. There are no major airports in the area so you will most likely want to include that in your evaluation process. A drive to NJ, a commuter to a larger airport, or even a train to DC or PA could all be solutions but that would get to be very annoying with frequency.

The public school system in the area is not the greatest (opinion) and there are not many options for private schooling. Local colleges are pretty good if you want your kids to go/transfer locally.

There isn’t a lot to do for the youth in the area (especially in the colder months), therefore drugs have become a big concern with heroin being a significant problem. There is a weird pattern of behavior that a large number of teens/20-somethings act like they live on the California coast as opposed to the Atlantic coast. To anyone that has actually experienced west coast life, this ‘act’ is pretty hilarious and eventually annoying.

I am only focusing on negatives, positives are plentiful as well but that may not sway you one way or another. I can give more in depth detail if desired.

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