Anyone else notice that Premium articles show ‘0 Comments’ after a few days? Obviously, a bug of some kind. Is there a fix coming for this?

As a limited access reader (i.e. non-Premium) I use a fairly subjective method for helping me pick articles with the most potential for the deeper, richer articles advertised as Premium to unlock. That method is the number of comments. Typically, the article title piques my interest, and the presence of a healthy amount of comments can often sway me to spend one of my 3 monthly allotment, as a lively discussion typically means the article has sparked a (usually) healthy debate.

The issue is Premium articles after a day or two show ‘0 comments’, which is problematic for my selection process, as I typically wait until the end of the month to read my Premiums. Lacking that qualifier makes finding noteworthy articles that much more difficult, and often fruitless, as some Premiums can be barely more than glorified Tweets. That is not a flame, just a fact. And I get that with the larger volume of Premium dedicated articles, some will be short and sweet, so it doesn’t bother me. But that does not discount my problem to find and consume those hidden gems that I have long been coming to this site for.

So back to my original question is: Are there any plans to rectify that? It would be a nice tool to have for my (admittedly imperfect) selection methodology arsenal.

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