Android Launcher suggestions?


Hi there,

New to Android here. Does anyone have any suggestions for good Launchers?

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  1. satef58528

    You can use Nova Launcher

  2. _stevenelliott

    I have used them all, I still think Microsoft Launcher is one of the best out there. Nova is also great.

  3. navarac

    Why post this twice??

  4. darkgrayknight

    I am using Launcher 10 as it is similar to Windows Phone and Microsoft Launcher, but more customizable.

  5. Usman

    Have been using Microsoft Launcher back when it was called Arrow Launcher.

    It's good, the thing I like from a launcher is an app drawer that has an a-z list of apps, which this ticks. The syncing and restore is great as I've regularly switched phones and can rely on keeping the same experience between devices.

  6. ruivo

    I also use Launcher 10, because I love the idea of having bigger tiles for the stuff I use more, smaller tiles for things I seldom use. It is fast, stable and actively maintained. It does tiles better than Windows Phone (RIP) did.

    This is not paid promotion, I really do enjoy tiles, and I feel I am the only one that does :-)

  7. ghostrider

    Pixel launcher is great, but for 3rd party - Nova for sure. Feature rich and very stable.