iPhone Uploading Photos to Google


So, this is a weird and scary one. Last night I purchased a new iPhone. Rather than do my normal install of everything Google, I chose to go it alone with stock apps. I hadn’t even connected my Google account through Settings. Anyway, just now I’m on the web on a desktop and I went into my Google Photos, and sure enough there are a bunch of pictures I took with this new iPhone on Google Photos. How in the world did these get there on a new phone that has never had Google Photos installed on it? This is beyond concerning and I’m curious if anyone else has ever seen this.

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  1. Chris_Kez

    Do you have another iOS device with Google Photos installed? If so, as photos from your new iPhone sync to the Photos app on your other iOS device, Google Photos on that device uploads them.

    • yoshi

      Thank you!! That's exactly what it is. I have the app installed on an iPad and didn't even think of that. I thought I was losing my mind. I should have thought of that right away.

      • Truffles

        Keeping up with all of these background services has become a bit of a nightmare. More often than not the implications of enabling/disabling various options are entirely opaque.