Question about porting from Verizon to Google Fi


I’m the account owner of the Verzion account. If I port my number over what happens to the Verizon account? I have 2 family members that would stay on Verizon. Would one of them seamlessly be able to take over the account? Would we have to go into Verizon to have one of them become the account owner?

Google Fi has a deal today that you can get a $200 account credit if you port in a number. I’d bring my original Pixel that I got from Verizon with me. Thanks for any help.

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  1. Lauren Glenn

    I assume like all phone ports, if you transfer your main line, your account gets terminated. I would probably transfer the account to one of them first if you plan on doing this.

    The only reason I didn't do Google Fi is that the data slows down after 15GB, it costs $20/line + $15 / member ($35/line minimum + $10/GB up to 6GB) and that they will get rid of your Google Voice account if you have one. So, instead of spending $40 for unlimited data with TMobile up to 50GB, I *could* pay up to $80, get less data, and have the only advantage be that my phone jumps on a CDMA network and I can't use data and voice at the same time. Doesn't seem like a deal for me.