Recommended Launchers?


Hi, I’m new to Android. I just switched from an iPhone to a Samsung Galaxy. Does anyone have an recommendations for Launchers that you would recommend? I’ve tried the Microsoft Launcher and didn’t care too much for it.


Does anyone have any good suggestions?



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  1. George Coll

    Howdy SeattleMike,

    Check out Nova Launcher. Its is the best on the market. I have been an Android user since day 1, and have used Nova for years. Powerful customizations that allow you to really personalize your experience.


  2. fabian

    I'm using Niagara launcher. If you want a clean and minimalist launcher, go for it.

    • robincapper

      Love Niagara, never having to manage another dumb grid of icons or fussy around arranging screens and folders is bliss. Has a Surface like simplicity feel to it

  3. _stevenelliott

    Unpopular opinion, Microsoft Launcher is excellent too. I switched from Nova to MS and I like it very much.

  4. wright_is

    What exactly are you looking for in a launcher? Or what is it in Samsung's One UI that you don't like?

    I used to try different launchers, but over the last 3-4 years, I've just used the native launcher on my phones - Google Nexus, Huawei Mate 10 Pro, Huawei P20 and a Samsung S20+.

    Unless you are looking for some special feature, they are all much of a muchness these days and nearly identical in every day use. One UI doesn't allow the rescaling of widgets, like Huawei did and that bugged me for a week or so, but I eventually just ignored it and got on with actually using the phone (it will rescale re-scalable widgets, but non-scalable widgets have only the defined size, Huawei let you resize them anyway).

  5. darkgrayknight

    I am using Launcher 10 as it is similar to Windows Phone and Microsoft Launcher, but more customizable.

  6. robincapper

    + another 1 for Niagara

  7. damiendada

    Hi, I also use Nova Launcher, I advise you.

  8. johnh3

    I guess you not need a launcher at all. Android is a mature system now. And Samsung have many built in features to.

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