Replacing Samsung defaults/apps with Google on Android


As a new owner of a Samsung phone, are there any guides out there on how to replace the Samsung defaults with the Google apps?

I know how to replace the basic defaults (browser, phone, sms, assistant, keyboard etc.) but what about password manager, google pay as default, etc.

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  1. wright_is

    I don't use the Google or Samsung apps. I just de-install or deactivate all the Samsung apps I don't want and install what I do want.

    I have Firefox as my only browser and I use my Sparkasse payment app for NFC transactions, for example. I have Nine for mail, calendar and contacts and Swype as the default keyboard.

    Apart from deactivating the Samsung apps, it was all pretty much automatic.

  2. Paul Thurrott

    I don't have a Samsung device here to test, but if you search Settings for "autofill" you will see an "Autofill service" (or similar option) where you can configure Google (or whatever other option you want) for password autofill.

    Configuring for Google Pay is similar: Search Settings for "payment default" and then choose Google Pay. (You have to install the app first.)