Any Multi-Invoke Homes Out There?


I’m bought an Invoke the first week it was out. Overall, I’ve been pretty happy with it. In fact, I’m considering picking up another one.

Other than the obvious benefit of having another speaker somewhere else in the house, are there any neat tricks you can perform using multiple Invoke speakers in your home? I’ve heard you can ask Cortana to send something you’re playing to another Invoke registered to your account. I’m curious how well this works and whether Invoke supports any kind of multi-speaker group, similar to the “Everywhere” group for Amazon Echo devices. Thanks!

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  1. graple

    I bought an Invoke the first day it came out and have been thrilled with it. I too am considering purchasing another one. It would be really great if MSFT could develop a Cortana Smart Display, kind of like Lenovo's Smart Display they previewed at CES earlier, slated to come out later this year. If MSFT would do that it could help them get back into this market since the Lenovo one doesn't even come out till later this year. Just a thought, lol. I certainly would be interested it purchasing one of those if they did that.

  2. Tony Barrett

    I don't think the Invoke is selling very well at all. Infact, based on the fact it received a 50% price cut literally weeks after launch (which is still in effect), that doesn't bode very well for it at all. There's stong indication Invoke (and Cortana) are floundering. Even though MS tout 150m monthly Cortana users, most of those 'tasks' are very basic, and as it's pretty much locked to a desktop environment, get's very little exposure.

    I can see Microsoft eventually moving Cortana (or whatever it ends being being) to the Enterprise in the cloud and away from the consumer. MS lost that market - badly. I have a feeling whatever 'arrangement' MS have with Amazon will eventually mean Alexa replaces Cortana in the consumer space, with MS having access to the collected data, which in all honesty, is what they actually want anyway.

  3. yaddamaster

    We have one and I'm about to buy another. Great sound and does exactly what I need it to: simple reminders, timers, task list, spotify integration, and bluetooth.

    I don't need nor want a speaker to turn my lights on or off. If I ever get that lazy someone needs to smack me upside the head.

  4. strikeone

    Spotify on the desktop will recognize both speakers, and you can send its output to either one (as well as desktop audio devices, of course)

  5. jrswarr

    I have two Invokes - one in the kitchen and the other in my home office. Very happy with both of them. They do exactly what I purchased them for Music and Reminders - scheduling appointments is a bonus.

    Music plays well from the speaker and I like that I can control it from my phone or desktop.

    All in all at 99 a pop not a bad deal at all.

  6. Simard57

    can multiple invokes be used as a home intercom? Echo finally picked that up but unsure if it is the case on other solutions.

  7. Paul Thurrott

    It's a great speaker, for sure. Would I buy a second one though? Hm. That requires a lot of trust. Both in Microsoft improving the service and in HK improving the device itself to support stereo pairs, perhaps, which would be amazing. Not to mention keeping the product alive. Not sure I have that trust personally.