Can’t stand "Set Tabs Aside"!


Am I in the minority for wishing I could turn off the “set tabs aside” feature in Edge? I accidentally hit it ALL THE TIME. I went to leave feedback, but a couple other people posted the ask to allow us to turn off “set tabs aside”, but they only had a handful of votes. Just wanted to vent my frustration…

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  1. Paul Thurrott

    Good news: It won't be in the new Edge.

    • lwetzel

      In reply to paul-thurrott:

      That sucks. It a most useful feature. I used it many times when I was interrupted in the middle of something and had to shut things down. I could always save the tabs I had up and when I reopened Edge I could reinstate them and continue on.

      Shame. Hoping that "Collections" will provide something like that if what you say is true.

      • ecumenical

        In reply to lwetzel:

        Seems like it will - you could create a collection of sites and save it, which is essentially the same, right?

        I actually do use tab set aside occasionally and liked it (also occasionally clicked it by mistake as OP is asking about), but wish they would let you name the tab sets. Since you can already do this with collections based on what they showed at Build, I'm counting it as a likely improvement.

  2. ggolcher

    I do it all the time too. If it didn't force a page refresh when I go to fetch them back it would not be terrible, but because it does refresh it's made me lose stuff I'm working on.

    I hate that feature.

  3. Brazbit

    I've been using Edge as my primary browser since Windows 8 and have never once hit that button let alone have any idea how one would hit it all the time. It is in the dead-space to the left of the first active tab. And see all tabs is to the left of it so even bumping it when holding a tablet seems unlikely. Of all the complaints I have read that others have had with Edge over the years this is the first one that really has me scratching my head and wondering how it is even an issue.

    I don't doubt that it is an issue for you, I'm just a bit confused as to how/why.

  4. brendan_hallett

    Agreed! I hope its a feature that never makes it to the new edge brower.

    It's likely that they think its a heavily used feature based on how many times I mistakenly hit the button