Did Edge make Google improve Chrome?


I was thinking with Paul talking about how the battery life advantages of Edge over Chrome where getting smaller overtime, was this do to Google improving Chrome in response? Would they have done it if it was not for Microsoft pointing out the difference? Or was it a case of Edge getting less efficient as they added functionality? Or does the efficiency of both browsers have little to do with the engine it uses and more to do with everything else?

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  1. F4IL

    It depends on the use case. For video playback, chromium has traditionally been conservative with HW acceleration, favoring stability over performance. The reasoning behind this choice has very little to do with the rendering engine and everything to do with GPU driver quality and stability. Eventually it is up to the software vendor. If Microsoft can enable HW acceleration on Windows for all GPUs without problems, chromium (and chrome) will improve.

  2. rob_segal

    Edge doesn't have nearly a large enough user base to concern Google. Improving battery life and memory usage may have more to do with the general reputation of Chrome as being a battery hog than a response to Edge or Microsoft's browser campaigns.

    • Paul Thurrott

      In reply to rob_segal:

      I agree that in isolation, Edge never "threatened" Google or Chrome. But... Microsoft is still Microsoft, and its reach is wide. Those battery life video put-downs surely did have an effect. Whatever. Chrome did get better too. So great.

  3. lordbaal1

    Chrome needs to improve their RAM usage. There is no way it should be using 8GB of RAM.

  4. waethorn

    Chrome is fine on Chromebooks, which is Linux-based. Most Chromebooks get 8-10hrs of battery life, and the majority of Chromebooks are under $500.

  5. locust infested orchard inc

    The only foreseeable improvements I can possibly envisage in Adoogle's Chrime browser is more covert invasion of one's privacy and more data siphoning.

    Chrominality has never been more fruitful and profitable.

  6. jules_wombat


    Chrome only real competitor is Firefox. Edge is and was akways irrelevant.