Edge – German Version inadvertently installed


I uninstalled the dev preview version of Edge and then somehow installed the @#[email protected]@! German Version of Edge on Win 20.

I have uninstalled it. Removed the install package from my downloads folder and reinstalled several times. – Rebooting each time.

I still end up with the German Version of Edge.

Any ideas how I resolve this?

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  1. reefer

    Settings > Language in Edge, choose English as default display language (click on the three horizontal dots), restart Edge, done.

    • karlinhigh

      In reply to reefer:

      Same here. I got stuck with UK English for some reason, as in "Show favourites bar"

      • StevenLayton

        In reply to karlinhigh: Hey, what do you mean you "got stuck with UK English"? As a Brit, there is UK English, and then there are pale imitations of it ;)

        • jrswarr

          In reply to StevenLayton:

          George Bernard Shaw said it best: "England and America are two countries separated by a common language."

        • karlinhigh

          In reply to StevenLayton:

          Yep, your island is culturally superior in many ways compared to where I live. :)

          But our dictionaries both have respellings to aid pronounciation. After studying Spanish for a little, I'm concluding that respellings indicate a need for spelling reform. Our guy Noah Webster tried hard that way, and ended up with an early example of XKCD 927 and one of the most successful "pale imitations" out there.

  2. kcnewf

    Thanks for the help. I also stumbled on the settings. I realized that I could use bing to translate browser menu labels.

    I am guessing this whole mess may have been a 'between keyboard and chair (bkc) ' issue when I ran the installer

  3. beckoningeagle

    Microsoft confirmed they were having issues with the language installed. When you click Accept and Download, save the download link and paste it to the address bar, then change the last characters for your language code (en for English). If you had previously installed in another language (in my case it was Japanese) you have to uninstall the browser from control panel and when the uninstall runs there is a checkbox to delete browsing history. You need to check this box (it was in Japanese so I did not check it the first few times). If you don't do this, Edge retains the language that was previously installed even if you use the English installer. Once you uninstall the wrong language version then run the English installer again and it should work. You can always change the default language from within Edge, but if you installed it in a language which is incomprehensible for you (such as Japanese for me) then you need to know your way across all the menus by heart.

  4. willc

    This is happening to most users. Obviously Microsoft is too incompetent to successfully launch a product, even one as DOA as the “new” Edge.

  5. jpwalters

    I don't think the bug is as straightforward as listed on other sources. The language is random. I installed on about 3 or 4 machines, and got a different language on each. At one point I kept refreshing the page and getting a different language. One time it was Spanish, one time it was Simplified Chinese.

    Unfortunately, I wrangled my way through the Chinese prompts, assuming this was just a problem with the web site. But it appears each Setup.exe it downloads seems to be hard coded with the language, though they all have the same file name. My incorrect assumption was that the installer was universal and I proceeded to install the Chinese version. I immediately uninstalled, and downloaded the correct version and begun installation, but somehow it remembered Chinese so it still installed in that language. So having a mess on my hands, it wasn't immediately obvious how I was going to back out of this situation. Fortunately, my "dev" version was still in English, and I was able to muddle my way to the language options. Of course finding US English written in Chinese, was a bit more of a challenge than I thought. Also, just setting it wasn't enough, I had to restart Edge.

    Because of all this, I missed the wonderful Migration tool, as it originally came up in Chinese, so I have no idea if everything got migrated. Fortunately, this was just my Surface Book 2, which isn't terribly important. But what I wanted to add is while most people seemed to get through it OK, there are some potential land mines. This really shows me that there are still pockets of different Microsoft teams that still can't step up their QA game. This one will be a small blip in the scheme of things, but wow.

  6. Patrick3D

    This happened to my colleague. He downloaded the public installer from Microsoft, it installed fine on his first system but when he copied the installer to his other machine it installed in German. He had to uninstall it then re-download through the website to get it to install in English. For now we are just going through the website for each machine we deploy it on until Microsoft resolves the issue with reusing the downloadable installer.

  7. earlster

    I got the Japanese version, and because I couldn't find my way through the menus at all, I uninstalled it. Re-downloaded and re-installed and it was Japanese again. Then after the next uninstall I got this:

    If they spent more time on getting their damn product right, instead of channeling Yoda, prefer much, I would that.

    How the f. can they get this so wrong? They just lost a large number of users for the new Edge, who won't try to install this ever again.

  8. ashakantasharma

    Same happened to me when i tried to install MS Edge initially. I thought my pc have been infected with virus via the download. I think that was some problem with the Microsoft Servers. Later the problem was corrected and the correct English Version was being downloaded.

    Enjoying my English Version Now....