Ideas and Features that should be implemented into some of Microsoft’s services


Hello all,

I was thinking about areas in which I believe that Microsoft is lacking behind some of it’s competitors.

So, here is my list of new features, and ideas that I believe should be implemented in the near future 🙂

1) PODCASTS: Google recently announced that they will include podcast’s within it’s search results. That is brilliant, given the recent uptick in the amount of people listening to podcasts.

Currently, I know that Microsoft’s Bing has a partnership with the Audio Streaming Service, TuneIn, and I believe that leveraging TuneIn’s wide variety of podcasts will not only be beneficial for Bing, but also TuneIn.

2) MAPS: Given the amount of navigation apps and softwares out there today like Google Maps, Waze (owned by Google), MapQuest, TomTom, etc, I realized that there wasn’t really a main competitor that can get to/as close as how well Google is doing with its Google Maps + Waze integration. Microsoft’s Bing however, is a service that can really be a true competitor to Google. If Microsoft is able to release an app with modern UI or can collect data from services like HERE Technologies, I think that will be beneficial and it will introduce healthy competition. If Microsoft buys or strikes a partnership with HERE Technologies, then it will be a crucial step forward in having a main competitor, a better rival, and it will also help make Bing Maps better on the web as well.

3) TO DO: Microsoft’s To-Do is the replacement app for Wunderlist. It’s a way to easily organize tasks and events where it’s also easily shareable. Microsoft should add the ability to have a Calendar format so that it would be easier seeing what you have this week/month. Another neat feature would be supporting more complex or smarter queries like “remind me every Friday at 6pm to take out the trash”. A few apps already supports this, and I believe it would be very nice to having it supported in Microsoft’s To-Do.

4) IFTTT: IFTTT is an automation software that is able to connect to different services and products to make everyday life’s connected technology more seamless. I believe that Microsoft would either add more of their own services into the IFTTT program, or buy IFTTT. Having IFTTT as a partner or under Microsoft’s ownership can help push more companies onto IFTTT’s platform and it will also help integrate more of Microsoft’s popular services like Outlook, Excel, Word, LinkedIn, Skype, Bing, Microsoft Teams, Microsoft To-Do and other apps and services.

Feel free to add on to any of these in the comments or to suggest something new that I haven’t thought of yet.


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