Interesting PWAs to check out?


I can see that some PWAs are in the Windows Store now, and would like to try a few out.

Twitter works fine and I think is an improvement over the prior version of the app.

I’ve also tried out AVclub – but am not seeing much benefit to using that in “app form” vs simply going to

I am aware that Subway and Men’s Warehouse now have apps, but I’m not a frequent customer of either – no desire to add clutter from those.

Any other notably interesting or useful PWAs that others here would recommend?

I get that as users, we shouldn’t care if an app is a PWA, UWP, desktop bridge, etc – it should all just work seamlessly and cleanly behind the scenes. Still, what with all the PWA news from Paul, I’d love to see and try some of those out.

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2 responses to “Interesting PWAs to check out?”

  1. Paul Thurrott

    Not in the Store right now, no.

    Hoping for some PWA news next week at Build.

  2. Jules Wombat

    So if PWAs are so great and flexible. Can we assume that Microsoft will make on last ditch effort, and make PWAs available on Windows 10 Mobile Browser ?

    I guess not, but what then is the purpose of PWAs without any Mobile play ?