Latest build is slow


1803 17704.1000

Site are slow to load. Even in Chrome.

Apps are slow to open. If they do open. I was waiting for like 10 seconds, it wouldn’t open.

What’s with this beta logo on the Edge icon.

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  1. JustDavid

    I have a similar situation with slow loading websites. And I hadn't seen any other mention of the beta flag on the Edge icon so I thought maybe I was part of A / B testing group or something.

    And OneDrive fails to start at all. The executable is still there, just will not run.

  2. Lord baal

    I think it's service host program compatibility assistant service. It using like .1% of memory, but it goes anywhere from 30%-80% of CPU.

  3. Bob Shutts

    Beta software is often slow. They will optimize later. (I hope.)

  4. Lord baal

    I ended the service host program compatibility assistant service tasks. Now my PC is way faster.

  5. Alkaidia

    Interesting, it's the opposite for me. 17704 was so performant that I put it on my second PC that I use for work. I have found it much faster and more reliable than any previous Redstone 5 build, and 1803 too, for that matter.

  6. Tony Barrett

    You pay the price for running beta software, but then, Win10 is in a state of perpetual beta anyway, and anyone who runs it is an unpaid MS tester - even if you're not actively submitting problems, MS are collecting all the telemetry they need in the background.

  7. Darekmeridian

    I have a feeling they are going to start updating Edge independent of OS updates and the Beta Tag will be a simple way to tell the difference between the last stable version and the forward moving test build.

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