Microsoft account-Manage your download devices


Manage your download devices

Apps and games

Remove a device if you’re trying to install an app or a game on a Windows 10 device and you’ve reached your device limit.

Device limit 10/0 (Because you were granted special access, you can go over the limit.)

I recently replaced a computer and went to my Microsoft account, manage device limits, to remove the old system. I have had to do this in the past or I would not be able to log into the Microsoft store on the new computer to download apps. In the past I normally get a message saying Device limit 10/10 please remove a device or something to that effect.

I got the message above this time and wondered if it was related to the device limit being lifted that was talked about around 6 months or so ago. The limit was supposed to go to 2,000 I believe from the reports back then.

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