Microsoft December Layoff’s of 10,000+


So I’ve heard from former and current employees that MS is cutting up to 10% of their FTE’s from the Xbox and Windows division. Mostly PM’s this time. That’s like 10,000 people. And it’s already happening, not a rumor. Anyone heard anything new?

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5 responses to “Microsoft December Layoff’s of 10,000+”

  1. Tony Barrett

    Doesn't surprise me. I just think it sounds like MS are trimming the fat ready for the move to a 'cloud first' company. It's where they'll end up for sure. Mobile: gone. Consumer: gone. They'll be an enterprise service company in a few years. Maybe a good thing, maybe bad. I don't know, but they won't resemble the MS we know now.

  2. Brad Sams

    I've heard a few whispers here and there...but at 10%, that seems like a massive cut.

  3. PincasX

    10,000 FTE seems like a lot without the company acknowledging that it is happening. Seems like the kind of thing you would want to try to control the press narrative on. Anyway, I hope it isn’t accurate. Losing a job sucks, losing one before the holidays would suck more.

  4. jmeiii75

    Wow. I hope this is not true.

  5. Dan

    Well I hope I’m wrong with the # and its just a few.