Microsoft Edge reaches 10% marketshare on desktop


Microsoft continues to gain an Edge in the browser wars as it builds more market share

this pace of growth is really promising and the fact that people are switching browsers despite the lack of some features probably means the future is bright, imo.

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  1. Paul Thurrott

    Usage share. :)

    Marketshare is units sold. There are no units sold, just total number of users, with browsers. And that's usage share.

  2. miamimauler

    These numbers are meaningless as NMS themselves have accepted stating the following,

    "This is the last report from NMS as the company has been struggling to battle bots making it impossible to obtain accurate data"

    Given the new Edge is a quality browser it will no doubt grow in usage but I would wait for more accurate sources for confirmation.

  3. dftf

    I'd expect to see its share rise further given that (1) the new Edge now comes preinstalled, as-of the new 20H2 release of Windows 10, so more will try it; (2) it can support virtually-all Google Chrome extensions, so lots more choice than legacy Edge had, and (3) many enterprise customers, who have to vet third-party apps as part of contracts, will switch users to the new Edge once they roll-out 20H2.

    Be interesting to see how Firefox will fare, also -- I find the Android version too-slow, compared to Chromium-based rivals, like Brave or Vivaldi; and on my Windows 10 computer I find the new Edge works fine. Maybe after July 2021, when Google Chrome and Edge both drop Windows 7 support, Firefox might see a jump in usage then?

  4. jdjan

    It's become my browser of choice.. and I use MacOS. The syncing is great, it's stable, cross-platform and doesn't send everything I do to Google. The multiple profile stuff works really well - I have several Office365 identities and email addresses for different clients that I work with, and keeping each one sepate saves me multiple log in/outs every day.

  5. illuminated

    New Edge is good enough. On a new PC I would not bother downloading Chrome. I use both Chrome and Edge now and sometimes have to look at the task bar to see which one I am in. I do not see much difference except for lower memory usage by Edge.

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