Microsoft needs a real Chromebook alternative


My cheap Windows laptops are laggy and are lousy to use. I’ve determined that I won’t buy a Windows laptop unless it has at least an i5 processor and 8GB of RAM. My $250 Acer Chromebook is snappy and works well even though it has a Celeron processor. I have a family and I would prefer not buy a $1000 laptop for everyone when I am the only one that currently programs.

I don’t like Google’s disregard for user’s privacy. Although I like the performance on my Chromebook, I cringe when I use it. I wish Microsoft created a REAL Chromebook knockoff that truly runs well on low level hardware and that respects user privacy. I don’t want Windows S mode on cheap hardware. Since Linux is no longer a dirty word at Microsoft, why not make a true simplified experience for cheap devices?

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