Microsoft: So long, and thanks for all the fish…


Although I can’t quite believe it, I have now started a tentative journey to dump Microsoft.

I’ve been a huge fan over the years, taking every Windows upgrade as soon as it became available, persuaded all my family to set up accounts, Skype accounts, and got my wife and myself Windows phones.

Things have been going south for a while though. Constant upgrades to Windows 10 (I now seem to spend more time sorting out issues with my computers than actually using them), the constant crap that Microsoft keeps trying to put back on my computers every time an upgrade occurs, and the fact that Windows phone has basically been abandoned (to say nothing about Groove).

My wife’s 640 recently died so I helped her buy and set up a new Samsung Android. Not wanting to be outdone I decided a phone upgrade was on the cards. I’m not a big fan of the ridiculous Apple price tags so got myself an Android phone. My expectation weren’t high, and I was dreading leaving my old Windows phone. What a revelation Android has been. I used to claim I didn’t need apps, but when they’re suddenly available what a difference. Everything ‘just works’, and I now have finger print access to banking apps, payment apps, and more and more.

This is where the rot starts. I’ll always own a computer for grunt work, but my next tablet is likely to be either Android or a Chromebook (the latter not quite there yet, but so close). My computer will be relegated to being switched on a couple of times a month, and doing so won’t be a joyous experience as I’ll no doubt have to wait whilst it applies whatever updates, and twice a year I’ll have to fix whatever Microsoft tries to break.

This all makes me kinda sad, as I’ve invested so much into the Microsoft ecosystem. Next to go will be my Office 365 subscription, as now I’m seeing what Google has to offer I’m stating to question what value Microsoft is actually delivering.

So Microsoft, consider this a breakup. And for the record; it’s you, not me.

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