Microsoft Store / Account Chaos trying to get To-Do. Rant Mode engaged!


I am signed to the Microsoft store with my personal Hotmail account on my domain joined work computer. I’ve got stuff on this account back to 2000 so it’s just want I use.

With all the talk about Microsoft To-Do lately I decided to give it a try. Signed into my office 365 account online and opened it. Looks ok, and I want to share a list with a co-worker. I click the icon to get the app. This opened the Microsoft store and when I start to download it wants to use my Hotmail account.

You can add multiple account to the store so I added my office 365 account, but it doesn’t give any option to pick the account on the download. I signed out of my Hotmail account on the store and tried again. Now it has the option to pick my Hotmail account (to sign into it) or pick another account. It conspicuously omits Office 365 in the list of possible account ((outlook, Hotmail etc). When I try to use my Office 365 email and password it fails to log me in. I’m using a password vault it’s without a doubt the correct credentials,

I finally give in and downloaded it with my Hotmail account. During which it very clearly asked me to pin it to my start menu which I said yes.

After which I couldn’t find it anywhere in the start list or under program files / PF x86. I had to go back in the store to the app and launch/pin it again. The app starts and asked me to log in, which now works for my Office 365 account. Great I think, a bit of a mess but I got it. But NO,

All I have is this blank tile in my start menu with some misc text at the bottom which doesn’t even launch the app. The only way I can run it is to go into the store every time. Argh.

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  1. wright_is

    Does your company have any restrictions on using Store apps? It sounds like somebody has half implemented a Group Policy to ban the use of Store apps and hasn't quite got it working properly.

    It is a UWP, so it won't appear in PF x86. It is stored in your local account under AppDataLocalPackages.