Microsoft Stream for business


Microsoft Stream claimed to be a “hidden gem”

The video hosting service for businesses is available 181 markets and 44 languages to Office 365 Enterprise customers and features many AI-driven features such as face detection for videos, letting users skip to a part of the video where a certain person is shown. The service also includes speech-to-text detection that automatically transcribes videos uploaded to Stream and the transcriptions are a lot more accurate than what you see on YouTube’s auto-generated captions.

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  1. peten1020

    I'm not sure if this is an advertising or not, but Microsoft Steam is not ready. If it's intended to be a ... "You Tube for the enterprise", it is not! So here it is:

    -No branding options (you have no idea if content is company sanctioned or not). For any company signed for Office 365 it should follow the tenant company branding

    -No templates for email communications. (this is amateur hour). Users get notifications from "Stream" service, that most of the time end in spam filters or are open for social engineering.

    -No (easy) single sign-on. If you reference/embed a video from your intranet, you'll have to sign in one more time, unless you have a session already opened with Office 365.

    -No option to share externally. Without that all companies will have to still maintain a YouTube channel to communicate/share content to their customers and partners.

    They are killing Office 365 video after 2 years, to replace it with Stream. O365 Video was providing decently the same features, minus a few funky features like face recognition. No sane enterprise will jump aboard this runaway train.

  2. Paul Thurrott

    At least link to the original source, which was Mary Jo Foley on our podcast, Windows Weekly. Jeeze.

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