Microsoft, whats going on ??? Office 365


Hello everyone,,

Im starting to hate Microsoft…im paying office 365 subscription, cant activate office with my account, cant get support…and microsoft support and recovery assistant for office 365 is asking me for password over and over…and over and over…yes, there was some “fix tips”, didnt work…

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  1. lvthunder

    You can't get support or you don't know how to get support? I've only used Office 365 support on the business side, but you login to the portal and in the dashboard there is support. You just fill out the form and they call you most of the time within a half hour.

  2. AnOldAmigaUser

    Which version of Office 365 are you having trouble with? Is it a business account, home or personal?

    The support and recovery assistant for Office 365 is generally used to find problems with Outlook (exchange online), so if that is not the cause of your problems, it might not help.

    If it is a home or personal account

    Login to with your Microsoft Account

    Select Subscriptions and Services from the options at the top of the page

    Click on Installs, under your Office 365 Home/Personal subscription

    Install the software

    If it is a business account, and you are doing your own IT support, it may be that you have not activated the licenses for your user account (Ask me how I know).

    Log in to

    Select the Admin App, to open the Admin Portal

    Click on the "Show more" option in the navigation pane. This adds more items to the menu, as the name implies.

    Expand "Setup", then click on "Products"

    Select the user/users that you want to license, then choose the "Manage product licenses"

    Ideally, you will now be able to activate Office with your account.

  3. simont

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  4. reefer2

    Sounds like you forgot your password. Rest the old one a choose a new one, the process for doing that is pretty self-explanatory. And i dont quite understand why Microsoft deserves your hate just because you obviously dont know how it works.