New Edge Beta installed.


Hello Paul,

I can say:


So I guess, I’am 1 million + 1 user. Will install this browser on my mom PC.

I must say, I am very surprised by the new Edge. So far it’s pretty stable and works very well. Even replaced the old Edge to the new one as a default browser.

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  1. christian.hvid

    + 2.

    I've been using Edge Dev as my main browser for about four months now, and I haven't had a single issue so far. Not one. Of course, much of the credit for this goes to Google, who wrote most of the code. But it's still amazing.

  2. crp0908

    I've been seeing the following message in Edge Beta so often that I gave up and uninstalled it.

    "After changing your diagnostic data setting, we recommend you restart the browser"

    I didn't see this message at all when I was using Edge Dev. At this point, Edge Dev seems more stable than Edge Beta does.

  3. Tony Barrett

    Funny people haven't had too many problems with Edge Beta - it's 90% Chromium, meaning MS can only f*ck up the 10% they're fiddling with instead of all of it!

  4. Angela_WWW

    CRedge Beta is fast and smooth. I am loving it.