No News About Xbox Revoking Dev Access?


Lot of info out there about Xbox revoking people’s dev access that they paid for. Not a blip about it? Peep’s have used it to put retro software on their console to play all the old games as it was a nice loophole instead of having to hack it, or the hackers having a reason to hack the console. Sounds like hackers have a reason to now.

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  1. Paul Thurrott


  2. Dan

    I block twitter but saw the news after I posted. Didn't even know my post worked since I got an error when I submitted it.

  3. miamimauler


    "Didn't even know my post worked since I got an error when I submitted it"

    That's a feature, not a bug. ?

  4. dftf

    Even if Microsoft were to continue to make these account bans, it's difficult for me to see them as doing the wrong-thing in this instance. It is called "DEVELOPER mode". The purpose of it is for you to DEVELOP apps and games using it. Not to use it to run your own code, such as emulators. So if Microsoft turn-around and say "hey, we notice you're using this mode, but you never seem to be doing any actual coding" then can anyone really complain?

    • Dan

      See how well that worked for Sony with the PS3.

      • dftf

        Not the same thing: Sony advertised the "Other OS" ability to run Linux publicly as a feature. Hence when it was removed, the lawsuits. But "Developer Mode" is not widely-advertised, but is clear about what it is there for. And that is not to run your own emulators and to run unsupported games or homebrew. So I couldn't see any lawsuit succeeding.

  5. whistlerpro

    The emails MS were sending out related to this 'purge' all said developers needed to have an active presence on the store. Even the emails reinstating accounts subsequently say that the developer must have an publish to the store within 90 days or risk being deactivated again.

    Are these bogus threats? Or are we going to get lots of non-apps flooding the store as various people seek to keep their retro-gaming emulating dream alive on Xbox?