Odd opening statements for the Build 2018 Keynote


I’m sure both of these opening statements at the Build 2018 Keynote were meant to be funny but I feel they both fell flat and really failed to build any enthusiasm or excitement for the forthcoming presentation.

Charlotte Yarkoni – CVP, Growth and Ecosystem –

We’re supposed to have a few good days of pleasant weather here in Seattle, yet I have the awesome job of trying to convince everybody in this room that you need to sit the next three days in dark windowless spaces listening all about our products.

Satya Nadella – Chief Executive Office –

I hear Bill Gates is talking about stock and he’s talking about the Apple stock and I said, “Wow! In the 30 years that at least I’ve know Bill I’ve never seen him talk about stock but today must be a new day for sure when you hear Bill talk about Apple stock. So, that’s the new Microsoft for you.”

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10 responses to “Odd opening statements for the Build 2018 Keynote”

  1. Paul Thurrott

    Humor is tough. The Apple thing really fell flat, but my reaction to that first comment was, that's what our lives are like every day.

  2. StevenLayton

    computer jokes died when 3.5 inch floppies become obsolete.

  3. skane2600

    Nadella's comment seemed almost Trump-like in its awkwardness. He mentions "stock" four times in one sentence and "Bill" three times. Fortunately that's where the Trump comparison ends.

  4. hrlngrv

    Funny is subjective, and from a dark humor perspective, a BUILD keynote mentioning Window[s]less spaces could be hilarious.

  5. Robert-Hostetler

    Regarding the weather in Seattle, I used to live in the Pacific Northwest a couple of years ago (closer to Portland, but still comparable), you get a light sprinkle to medium amount of rain plus gray skies for days on end from around October to April, and I think January and February were the most intense.

    Add to that the countless number of amazing outdoor activities and scenic drives available all over the region (my profile photo was taken at Crater Lake in Oregon) and the result is most people are going way out of their way to do as much outside as possible as soon as the weather is nice.

    So, I think the locals in the crowd were likely nodding their heads in agreement and laughing about that, but she did not give any context into the Pacific Northwest experience to the live stream viewers.