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I’m seeing weird behavior in outlook.com (personal, not corporate). When I’m on the people page, there’s no add contact button. I had to add a contact on my phone in the browser there because I couldn’t find the button in the desktop browser on outlook.com. There’s supposed to be a button, but I don’t see it. I tried in Edge, Firefox, and Chrome. Anyone else seeing this behavior, or am I not seeing the button?

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  1. lwetzel

    I see no way to add a contact in outlook.com.

    • Bart

      Normally there is a button above "Favorites" on the left-hand pane. Looks like there is a problem at the moment.

  2. lwetzel

    Actually, there is a way. It is not intuitive.

    • Got to People.
    • Under Folders on left select New folder.
    • Type new name for the folder (I used "Test").
    • Select the "Test" folder and in the middle pane is a '+ Add a contact'
    • Click that and add a new contact. Click Create.
    • The new Contact will be in the "Test" folder but you can move it to the folder you like such as Contacts.

    Possible to do but what a pain. Good Luck!

    • miamimauler


      "Actually, there is a way. It is not intuitive"

      Of course it isn't, it's Microsoft after all.

    • Bart

      One other option is to start a new email. Add their email address. Once that is done, select the email address. A new pane will pop-up. At the bottom of this pop-up pane is the option to add the contact.

      • jbinaz

        That's a good way to approach it as well. I shouldn't have to do that, but it does work. Thank you!

    • jbinaz

      Wow! Thank you for the reply, and I hope you didn't spend too long looking for that solution.

      So utterly dumb that the option is missing anywhere on the screen without having to jump through hoops. I have considered moving all my contacts to iCloud, but I still use outlook.com for email, and I'd like to have my contacts, there, too. It's easier to have them in Outlook and show up on my iPhone than the other way around (if that's even possible).

      Here's a fun one - I selected a contact in outlook.com, and I can't find a way to delete it, either. ?‍♂️

      • anoldamigauser

        Right-click on the contact. The context menu includes Edit, Delete, Add to Favorites and Add to List.

        If Project Monarch is based on OWA, hopefully, they will add back a New Contact button. For now, that is the only use I have for the People app in Windows.

  3. yoshi

    I just checked and the Add button is no longer there for me as well. Ahh, Microsoft. You continue to amaze.

  4. wolters

    I am glad you posted this because I cannot find a way at all on Outlook.com to import contacts...can anyone else locate the IMPORT option? Might be part of the same issue.

    • yoshi

      Good catch. I'm not seeing that as well. The entire contacts section is useless right now. Can't add, can't delete, and no import/export.

      • wolters

        I'm actually trying to give the Surface Duo 2 a try as my primary device and use Outlook.com for contacts/calendar and this is not helping.

    • dkrowe

      Funny you mention that...I tried searching Help for "add contact" and the topic displayed was "How to import contacts".

  5. yoshi

    FYI - it looks like it's fixed now. All the options are back in place for me.