Outlook.com Phishing deluge


For almost a week now, my outlook.com account is getting slammed by phishing emails, a dozen or more every day. I’ve reported all of them.

They have different entries in the “from” data, but the style and some typographic quirks suggest they are all from one source.

Is it just me, or are others seeing this, too?

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6 responses to “Outlook.com Phishing deluge”

  1. endoftheroad

    Yes we are seeing it also. The scam is on. What better time to try to mess with people than the end of the year holidays when everybody is roused out of their sleep walking to semi frantically engage in numerous extra activities, most of which have deadlines.

    If in doubt, let it sit, if still in doubt, get rid of it.

    Happy Holidays!

  2. wright_is

    I’ve not had anything come through yet. I’ve had my account since Hotmail first came out in the mid 90s.

  3. allberry2001

    This morning I had 11 , its getting worse

  4. yoshi

    I've been seeing this with fake Norton renewals. Thankfully, they have all landed in junk/spam folders. This is happening on my Outlook.com and Gmail accounts. It has definitely spiked the past 3 weeks or so.

  5. mi1984

    I constantly get this .... , but then my business email is posted online. I use the outlook android app, I like the reporting feature but I wonder if it even functions.

    Strange too how much less junk I get on Saturday and Sunday, I guess bots need they're weekends free.

  6. max daru

    No unusual activity for me. On average my outlook account receives 1 or 2 spam emails a day land which almost always land in my junk folder. Once every 10 days or so I'll get a short burst of 3-5 within a couple of minutes which motivates me to report them. Then the situation calms down.