Outlook.com spam block domain also blocks subdomain?


If in outlook.com settings/Junk e-mail you block the domain ( e.g. somedomain.com) will it also block all subdomains (e.g. subdomain1.somedomain.com and e.g. subdomain2.somedomain.com)? Or does each subdomain have to be blocked individually? Thanks

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  1. will

    I would like to know this as well.

  2. phil_adcock

    My experience would be that blocking domain from being able to email you. Ex. Thurrott.com would also block any subdomain. So Paul.thurrott.com should be blocked because you said to block anything from Thurrott.com. However If you block Paul.Thurrott.com It should theoretically only block the subdomain. So Firstringdaily.thurrott.com would still get through as well as anything from thurrott.com. Sorry Paul for stealing all the names on your site but wanted to use an example everyone could understand. :)