Outlook.com Sync Issues


Does anyone know if MS is having issues with their Outlook.com service? Incoming mail shows up immediately on outlook.com, however both my Outlook.com Android app and Mail app on Windows 10 will not auto sync emails.

In the Android app or Windows 10 app, I must click the sync button for new emails to show up. As a result, I don’t receive email notifications on either my phone or Windows 10 PC.

After quite a bit of troubleshooting, I’m coming here to see if it could be a service based issue. I have my Gmail account set up on both the Outlook.com Android App and Windows 10 app, and that syncs perfectly fine and generates notifications.

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  1. jprestig

    No issues here, but I'm using the Outlook app on iOS. It syncing properly with Outlook.com web.

  2. sammyd710730

    Hmm. The apps definitely work with syncing and notifications, since Gmail is working fine. It's only my Microsoft account having issues. I also can't get Edge on Android to sync my favorites / reading list, which is also weird. Starting to think my MS account is somehow screwed up and I have no idea what step to take next.

  3. wright_is

    Everything seems okay here.