Search highlights?


Apparently, Microsoft is A/B testing a new annoyance in the Search box…search highlights. They appear as colorful little icons related, I guess, to different content types. When one clicks in Search and it opens, half the box that displays shows results related to these “highlights”. Apparently, Microsoft thinks that when one goes to search, one is looking for vague suggestions rather than the thing one is looking for. Microsoft’s war against useful search continues. Luckily, they can be turned off.

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  1. hrlngrv

    There are so many ways to spell BS.

    Or so many faces of bloatware.

    GAWD knows Search Highlights is just so much more wanted than a FIXED taskbar.

    There are times I'm almost giddy I no longer use MSFT's own taskbar, though I do need to use Task Manager more frequently to find new services I need to disable.