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Currently my family chats together by using GroupMe for text and Skype for video. Our last video conference was a rocky experience so we’re looking for alternatives. I looked at some of the major players (Slack, Webex Teams, Zoom, and MS Teams) and it looks like, on paper, that MS Teams would work best to replace both chat and video (no limit on group video chats and lots of text chat options). However, I’m interested in knowing how well it would work in real life? Is it too clunky? Does it work well?

Any thoughts?


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  1. Paul Thurrott

    If this is your family and you want to use a Microsoft product, use Skype.

  2. allberry2001

    I had the Grandson using Teams because I felt it was the most secure, he could even call on it before he had a sim with a phone number ( data sim when he was younger ).

  3. BigM72

    How big is your family?

    WhatsApp does upto 8 people these days.

    They could also remain as separate apps.

  4. crp0908

    To reinforce Paul's suggestion:

    Someone told me that if you attempt to download and install Teams, it asks you if this is for business or personal use. If you choose personal use, you get prompted to download Skype.

  5. anoldamigauser

    Petri has an article on this very subject, Choosing the Right Free Version of Teams, which might help you choose.