Teams Issues


In the time since Teams went free, I’ve been able to use it zero times. Both the Store app and the web app fail awfully. The Store app says

“Looks like you don’t have access to this version of Teams yet. Check back soon!”

Seriously? The app that was suggested after signup says I don’t have access. And the web app just gets stuck in a loading loop that ends with a flash of an error message that says, of course,

“Oops! Looks like something went wrong!”

Good modern error message there. Plucky and cute with no useful information.

So is this product actually, you know? Available? Or was the whole free-to-use thing just a weird sham?

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  1. lwetzel

    Had same happen when I tried to look at it. Glad I don't need it.

  2. Tim

    It's just not good. I mean...I don't know what else to say to it.

  3. hrlngrv

    Consider this: image 15 years ago trying to use Lotus Notes as a web app. Then change your underwear.

    • jimchamplin

      In reply to hrlngrv:

      I mean...

      Notes was horrid enough.

      What's so damn bad about this situation is that both Slack and Hipchat and dog knows how many other of these group chat/collab solutions work just fine. Hell, honestly, even Discord can be considered a similar product.

      They all work.

      Teams can't even PROPERLY LOG IN A USER WHO IS SIGNED UP FOR A FREE ACCOUNT. That means that there is no free account. If you use a free account, you can't log into the product.

      In the words of Dr. Stuart Ashen...


  4. Chris_Kez

    I hate to be that guy, but I signed up for the free account on day one and have used it without issue; nothing mission critical, but it seems to be working fine.

  5. wright_is

    In Firefox, for security reasons, I deny third party cookies. That is why it fails for me.

    The desktop app is working though.