The real issue with Microsoft’s Partner Internal Use Licence removal


Long time partner, since around 2004. We have run and grown our business on the IUR available and been very grateful for them. I have no issue with the removal of the IUR for our business and paying our way now that we’re bigger and can afford it but…

1) Should only remove for businesses of a certain size, startups should still be able to use IUR or it will drive to competitors like GoogleDocs, etc, etc

2) The timing of it all is completely unacceptable and in my opinion the most understated piece of Microsoft’s complete lack of thinking around marketing and communication in a long time – and thats saying something!

They state the date that it will be finished is July2020 which doesn’t sound so bad, but that’s the completion date for the change of all partners. Every partner renewal from August 1st 2019 has it take effect and our Partner renewal is August 2nd – giving us about 3 weeks to sort everything out!!!? The impact of sorting out licencing for all the various bits in use, cost evaluating it, planning migrations to Azure or other services takes time and dropping a 3 week timetable on it regardless of us now needing to find an estimated 50k per/year for what we have in use.

I spent 2 hours on the phone to Partner support on Monday, they could tell me little and the only documentation they could provide was all labelled “PREVIEW” and “subject to change”. That is just not good enough, I’ve got no time to plan this and they can’t give me a final listing of all the software changes so I don’t even know what I need to buy or if that will change in a weeks time.

This is just silly and I’m a tad frustrated.

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