What Happens When I Change MS Account Primary Alias


Suppose for my MS account I have primary alias A. I used A for my Microsoft account on my Android device and Windows 10. If I go into my MS account and add alias B, change B to the primary alias, and disable login for old alias A, what happens on my Android device and Windows 10. Do I get a notification my current id is invalid? Do I need to remove the account from Android and re-add using alias B?

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  1. Paul Thurrott

    I did do this years ago. But my understanding of how this works is that the primary and secondary aliases are interchangeable. I can use either my old Hotmail address or a newer (now primary) alias.

  2. Scipio Magnus

    I have a primary and about four other aliases I use for different business or websites and I can log into anything from xbox to my computer using any of them.

    As a note I like creating them and using rules in outlook to make them their own "inbox Folder" this allows me to funnel emails for a specific business into folders without having to give out my main email or to use separate instances of outlook.

  3. orlbuckye

    Remember you MS account is created and stored on MS servers. When you access from any device you enter a password and you can be asked to save that password on that device. So you will get an error if you use the disable Username from MS. But you will have to enter the new user alias when prompted and the device will probably ask if you want to save the new credentials. So a review you account info is saved on MS server. When you login from a device you can safe that information on the local device and it will use that to access your account.